Newburyport Waterfront Park Rehabilitation


    City of Newburyport


    Newburyport, Massachusetts

Key Elements

    Facility Inspection and Assessment
  • Composite Sheetpile Bulkheads
  • Recreational/Commercial Boat Access
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Management
  • Resident Engineering

GEI’s marine engineering group provided the City of Newburyport with investigation, analysis, and assessment of the existing cellular steel bulkhead supporting the Peter J. Matthews Memorial Boardwalk on the Merrimack River.

The existing steel bulkheads were aging and the City wanted to ensure the long-term stability of this critical element of the Newburyport Central Waterfront District. GEI performed above and below water inspection of 1,500 feet of bulkhead to determine the remaining useful life and develop requirements for rehabilitation to extend the bulkhead’s life 40+ years.

The project included topographic and hydrographic survey, review of rehabilitation methods, design of repairs, and obtainment of regulatory approvals. The preferred option for rehabilitation for most of the bulkhead was to install composite sheet piles outshore of the existing bulkheads and infill with concrete.

GEI designed the repairs to the bulkheads and developed phasing of the project to meet City budget limitations. The first phase of the project was designed and completed early in 2014. The second phase has also been designed and permitted and is awaiting funding for construction.

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