Brayton Point Inspection


    Somerset, MA

GEI was retained to conduct a full condition survey and load evaluation of Brayton Point Dock and to perform an investigation of the proposed laydown area to determine its suitability for use for loading and offloading wind turbine components. The study was intended to confirm the feasibility of the proposed uses and to identify repairs, upgrades, and modifications which may be required to the dock. This included evaluation of the dock structures and shoreline bulkheads for the heavy loads from cranes and SPMTs to be used for wind turbine component loading, unloading, and movement on the site. The effort also included assessment of the dock berthing structures and water depths for the different service vessels (SOV’s) which may be used. GEI performed above and below water inspections of the facility, identified short and long term repairs, and determined current live load capacities. At the conclusion of the study, GEI prepared conceptual designs for repairs and upgrades required to provide adequate load capacity.

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